Privacy Notice



Under  EU regulation commencing 25 May 2018 the Society is deemed compliant on the basis of legitimate interest in order to fulfil the contract between the Society and its members inherent in the membership application form. This privacy notice advises members of the Society’s procedures to safeguard your personal data and states your rights under data protection legislation.

Your personal details are used if the Society needs to contact you for administrative matters and to provide benefits of membership. All computers holding your information are password protected. Your data will be held securely on electronic media. The Council of the Bourne Society acts as Data Controller.

1. The following are held by the Membership Secretary who is the principal Data Processor: Your name(s), address, postcode, membership number, email and telephone number(s) if you have provided them, plus membership status, Gift Aid declaration and method of payment, and date of joining/resignation. A backup of the data is held by the Treasurer.

2. The Treasurer has access to a signed Gift Aid declaration.

3. The Membership Secretary provides your details to members of the Distribution Team, who are therefore also Data Processors, for posting out or delivering Local History Records or other essential communications.

4. The Membership Secretary may provide group activity coordinators with your contact particulars. This will include coordinators of the Sanderstead History Group, the Pub & Brewery History Group, Heritage Tour coordinator and Coach Tour organisers, all of whom are deemed Data Processors.

5. Ordering our publications online from GENfair is protected by GENfair‘s own compliance with the GDPR. No credit or debit card details given to GENfair are available to the Society.

6. Articles submitted for publication in Local History Records may include the author’s name, postal address and email address on request.

7. Your email or postal address is used to send you one reminder for an overdue subscription.

8. We use your personal data only for matters as listed and will not disclose any information to a third party without your explicit permission.

Members may withdraw consent to storage, processing and use of their personal data at any time by contacting the Membership Secretary.  Data will then be removed within 28 days, except for Gift Aid and Inland Revenue purposes and for purposes of historic record.