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warmemorialsThe latest publication from the Bourne Society

Coulsdon and Purley War Memorials / First World War, by Nigel Elliott

The author has undertaken a comprehensive survey of World War I memorials throughout Coulsdon and Purley, giving their history and location, and listing the names and inscriptions that appear on them. The book is lavishly illustrated with more than 70 full colour photographs of the memorials and their surroundings, together with a selection of old postcard reproductions. An index of over a thousand names allows the reader to rapidly locate the memorial on which a particular member of the armed services is remembered. The book is now on sale from the Bourne Society, price £10.


Recent additions to the website:

  • Index to Bourne Society Local History Records volumes 46 to 98 (2006-2019). This index is now available here for free download and has been updated to include volume 98. Print-on-demand copies may be ordered from the publications subcommittee (address on Contact Us page) for £2.50 plus £1.50 postage. This Index, along with that Pearce’s Index to earlier LHRs and Bulletins, may be word-searched.