What’s New

New publication from the Bourne Society:

Richard Kearton’s Surrey Field Notes 1900-1927

Transcribed by Gwyneth Fookes. Foreword by Brian Thomas. Published June 2020 in an edition of 100 copies. This book is now available at a cost of £11 (plus postage) from the publications manager or direct from Mrs Fookes. Further details will be found on the Current Publications page of this website.

April 2020 Forum Meeting:
100 Editions of Local History Records

As you would have seen from our calendar of events, Robert Warner and Gwyneth Fookes had prepared a Powerpoint presentation for the April forum meeting based on 100 editions of Local History Records. A great deal of work went into this presentation, so to prevent it going to waste the Society’s officers have agreed to make the projected pages freely available on this website as a continuous pdf file. We hope you enjoy looking through it, while possibly imagining your friends around you.

To download the presentation in pdf format please follow this link.

John & Edward Hassell. East Surrey in the 1820s and now

This presentation was first delivered at a forum meeting in November 2011 by Gwyneth Fookes and Robert Warner. It is here made available for your interest and amusement.

To download the presentation in pdf format please follow this link.

Recent additions to the website

Local History Records, Volume 101, Summer 2020 has been distributed to most members by now. For a preview of its contents please follow this link.

Index to Bourne Society Local History Records volumes 46 to 100 (2006-Spring 2020). This index is now available here for free download and has been updated to include volume 100. Print-on-demand copies may be ordered from the publications subcommittee (address on Contact Us page) for £2.50 plus £1.50 postage. This Index, along with Pearce’s Index to earlier LHRs and Bulletins, may be word-searched.