What’s New

Latest additions to the website:

  • LHR95-coverThe next issue of Local History Records (Volume 95, Summer 2018) should be with all members by now, its 95 pages, in full colour, packed with interesting articles. For a summary of its contents please look here.
  • The Forthcoming Events page has been updated to include the current season of indoor forum meetings.
  • GDPR Privacy Notice. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives control over how personal data is used and ensures that organisations protect personal data better. To reflect these changes and obligations our new Privacy Notice tells our members precisely what we do with their personal data, how it’s used and their rights as individuals under the new law. The Bourne Society Privacy Notice is now available at http://bournesoc.org.uk/privacy-notice/ or by clicking or tapping Privacy Notice at the bottom of the side navigation menu.
  • Index to Bourne Society Local History Records volumes 46 to 94 (2006-2018). This index is now available here for free download and will be regularly updated. Print-on-demand copies may be ordered from the publications subcommittee (address on Contact Us page) for £2.50 plus £1.50 postage. This Index, along with that of Pearce, may now be word-searched in Google.
  • The publications in print pages have been updated. The Complete Bibliography has been improved in appearance and content.