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Please be aware that the Bourne Society does not operate from a permanent office or fixed address, and because of this it does not maintain a readily searchable ‘archive’ of its own. Please bear this in mind when contacting the Society for specific information on local history or genealogy. Having said that, we will do our best to address all questions posted on the general contact form below, even if it means simply advising on alternative lines of research.

Please remember that you are writing to a person, not a robot. Communications that do not display a minimum of courtesy will not be answered. If you feel that the help you’ve received has been beneficial, an acknowledgment would be very much appreciated.

Please do not use this form to make enquiries solely relating to membership of the Society other than notifying us of the death of a member. To join the Society see the page ‘Join the Society’ (above), or for change of address, etc., please contact the membership secretary directly at

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Selecting ‘Send’ will pass your query to the webmaster who will answer it himself or will pass it to a member of the Society with specialist knowledge, usually within 48 hours. Please ensure that your query refers to the region covered by the Society, a map of which is given on the ‘About Us’ page.


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