Currently Available Publications

This page provides a summary of Bourne Society publications which are currently available for purchase. Please click on the links for detailed information. There are various ways of obtaining in-print Bourne Society publications depending upon your circumstances. To find the method most convenient to you, please click on Society Shop in the top menu.

Please note that the postage & packing charges shown below have been updated to account for recent increases in postage costs, and apply only to books ordered directly from the Bourne Society publications officer. Books ordered through GENfair will frequently incur a higher p&p charge due to the commission charged on each order.

Unless shown otherwise, all books listed below were still available in January 2024. Books of which there are fewer than 20 unsold copies are marked Low Stock. Some of the books listed below are available at very much reduced prices in order to clear some of our stock. These are marked Special Offer. Publications not listed below are definitely out of print and must be sought from alternative sources. Reference copies will be found in the Caterham Valley Public Library and East Surrey Museum which between them hold the entire catalogue of Bourne Society books. The Museum also carries a large stock of Bourne Society publications, both new and secondhand, for sale to visitors. Books which have long been out of print frequently appear on the shelves.

Village Histories

The popular Village History series from the Bourne Society extends to ten volumes covering the following villages in the Bourne Society area. All books in the series (except no. 11) are currently available at a price of £10.00 each. If ordering by post, please add £4.00 p&p. Please click or tap on the titles below for further details and to ‘look inside’ at sample pages.

Other Recent Publications (2012-23)

Sir Edward Banks (1770-1835) The man who constructed Rennie’s London bridges, by Jon Grant and Ron Williams. £10.00 [add £3.00 p&p].

The Coulsdon Byron Family at Olden, Nordfjord: A Norwegian Family’s Journal and Photographic Record, by Nigel Elliott and Jens Brynestad. £6.00 [add £3.00 p&p].

Old Caterham Illustrated, in drawings and paintings, by Gwyneth Fookes. £9.95 [add £3.50 p&p].

Wild Flower Watercolours / From around the Caterham Area, by Gwyneth Fookes. £7.50 [add £2.50 p&p]

The Byrons of Coulsdon: Abroad and At Home, by Nigel Elliott. 238 pp, £16 [add £4.00 p&p]

Richard Kearton’s Surrey Field Notes 1900-1927. Transcribed by Gwyneth Fookes. Foreword by Brian Thomas. 156 pp, £11 [add £4.00 p&p]. Also available direct from Mrs Fookes whose contact details are given in volume 101 (Summer 2020), page 81, of Local History Records.

Coulsdon and Purley War Memorials, First World War, by Nigel Elliott, 112 pp, £10 [add £4.00 p&p]

Raffles and Rupert Davison – The Ideal Home, by Jan Ward, 123 pp, £11.00 [add £4.00 p&p]

The History of Harestone Valley, by Raymond Howgego, 71 pp, £6.00 [add £2.00 p&p]. This book has recently been reprinted, so copies are once again available.

The Rectors of Coulsdon Surrey, by Daphne Palmer, 145 pp, Special Offer: £5.00 [add £4.00 p&p]

History of Warlingham and Chelsham, 1898-1925, by Charles Goodman, ed. by Robert Warner & Gwyneth Fookes, 187 pp, £15.00 [add £4.00 p&p]

Sanderstead Servicemen and Civilians, by Brian Roote, 106pp, £5.00 [add £2.00 p&p]

Books about the Bourne Society Area

A Tour of the Windmills & Watermills around East Surrey, by Gwyneth Fookes, Special Offer: £1.00 [add £2.00 p&p] Low stock

Caterham Valley Shops I, by Margaret Duck, £10 [add £4.00 p&p]

Caterham Valley Shops II, by Margaret Duck, £10 [add £4.00 p&p]

East Surrey Manors, by Mary Saaler, £1.50 [add £2.00 p&p]

Electricity Supply in Caterham & District, by John Pipe, £6.00 [add £2.00 p&p]

Guide to Local Antiquities, prepared by Michael Farley [1972]. Notes by Mary Saaler. £1.00 [add £2.000 p&p] Low stock.

History & Development of Purley, by Rev R E Resker, Special Offer: £2.00 [add £2.00 p&p]

If Stones Could Speak – History from Sanderstead Churchyard, by Joy Gadsby, illustrated, Special Offer:£3.00 [add £4.00 p&p]

Robert Lowe & Sherbrooke, by Ruth Sear, £3.00 [add £2.00 p&p] Printed to order.

The ‘Big Houses’ of Victorian Caterham, by Gwyneth Fookes, 215pp illustrated, Special Offer: £5.00 [add £4.00 p&p]

The Soldiers of Caterham, by Peter Saaler, 119pp illustrated, Special Offer: £3.00 [add £2.00 p&p]

The Surrey Hills, A Guide to the Caterham Railway & Its Vicinity, £3.00 [add £2.00 p&p]

Villagers—Five Shillings, by Harley Sherlock, Special Offer: £1.00 [add £2.00 p&p]

William Garland Soper  – Father of Modern Caterham, Edited by Gwyneth Fookes, Special Offer: £3.00 [add £4.00 p&p]


Index to Local History Records 1962-2006 & Bulletins 1956-2005, compiled by T. D. K. Pearce, 335 pp, £6.00 [add £4.00 p&p]

Index to Local History Records 2006 to the present, compiled by Raymond Howgego, £2.50 [add £2.00 p&p] Printed to order; please enquire. This index is routinely updated to the latest issue of Local History Records. It is also available as a free download from this website.

Local History Records

The Society publishes a journal known as Local History Records, which is sent free of charge to all members three times per year. Details of the latest edition and other recent editions can be found on the Local History Records page. Comprehensive indexes to all volumes are available on this website.


See the Postcards Page for details of the postcards available.

Bourne Area Maps, Guided Walks and Information Sheets

The Society has over the years published a large number of historical maps, information maps, information sheets, and guided walk sheets. Some of these are still available for purchase, but nearly all will be found on this website for free download. See the Bourne Society Maps and Landscape Walks pages.